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My Trip, My Way

Saturday, November 28, 2015
     I've already had these pictures for a while now. Totally forgot to post them in blog :( so please remember that I'm a lazy blogger and it's kinda expected. 
     Anyway, I'm going to Yogyakarta next week and I'm so excited. It's been a year since the last time I go travelling and I hope this time, I could post something labelled as travelling. It doesn't mean that I didn't go anywhere this past year. Of course, I went on a little trip here and there. But all the time it didn't turn out to be a good trip. And the reason is because I went on holiday with my parents. And they don't really like exploring like I do. They just like to stay and relax in the hotel. And I just want to go out and take a lot of picture. And I have to stick together with them because I'm an only child and I also don't want to explore alone. It's annoying being me :(

What Should I Wear?

Monday, November 23, 2015
     Two weeks ago, I got invited to attend the grand final of Mr. Universal Ambassador. If you never heard about it, let me tell you that this event is similar with Miss Universe with male participants. The invitation was so sudden. I got it 3 hours before the event began. I didn't know what to wear at that time. It's a formal event so I need to wear a formal dress which also comfortable for me to wear until the after party ends. And it was completely chaos in my room. I turned my closet upside down to find a proper dress and I still couldn't find it. If you happen to read my post several down below, you must know that I live out of my hometown to study in the university and almost all of my clothes are still remaining in my house. And I don't really like to attend a formal event in the evening before, so even though I finally found something suitable, I don't feel satisfied.
     So I've learned my mistake. Whatever happened, I have to feel comfortable and satisfied with what I'm wearing. Even though I don't attend a formal party often, I still have to prepare and have some evening dresses in my closet. And then I stumbled upon DRESSLEADERAU website. Thank God for that. It's an Australia-based web store who sells many beautiful formal dresses. You can find some cheap formal dresses Australia there and they are all indeed breathtaking. 
     But because now I often get invited at an evening party, then maybe long formal dress is more suitable to wear, don't you think. In DRESSLEADERAU website, you can find cheap long formal dresses too. So ladies, before you made the similar mistake, head over to DRESSLEADERAU website and stock your closet.

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