Friday, April 18, 2014

Alice On Easter Day

Happy Easter Day everyone :) It's safe to finally say I'm obsessed with hats. Especially with my new chains hat from Style Corner shop runs by Avellia Anwar. I'm not in the mood to talk a lot today because it's holiday and it's my lazy day :D

So, if you're looking for what to wear on Easter Day, check what's mine below. Don't forget to hype my look if you love it :)
TwoSides top, Body & Soul pants, Style Corner hat, Zara wedges

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When Professionalism Meets Fun

Do what you love, and love what you do 
Aren't we already heard that sentence before? Everbody knows that. But most people have to face the fate that in reality, they can't get whatever they want/love.

I have a friend that already graduated as a doctor. Do you know what she become in the end? A sales manager in an automotive shop. What's the connection really?

I do what I love. I love to browse some late trend of fashion and do blogging. I sell cute items online and earn money to spend again with my daily shopping :D and I love how people love my work. I love how people satisfied with what I do for them. But sometimes, I don't love what I do.

Yes, I got bored. What human never got bored?  Sometimes I need a break. Because too much work is not good too. Your professionalism will going less and less everyday because you're too tired and people will start to complain. I just need to enjoy myself without having to face my responsibilities. I guess I would never get that because we are all have some responsibilities glued to ourself. Please tell me whatever are you doing when you got bored with something you always/have to do everyday?

I've tried a break with some holiday and vacation. But in the end when I get back home, my work already waiting with muuuch more things to do than before.  And I don't want to stop. Because I love what I do. And I don't want to do something else because I don't like the pressure I had if I do something I loathe.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Block by Gold

Found this blazer I have over one year ago and even though it's already out to date, I feel like wearing it. I combined it with a gold skirt because for me, gold is the new black. Well, too much color won't hurt, do you agree?

Oudre top, Scarlet Collection skirt, Nine West shoes